Single Inflatable Mattresses/Airbeds (Indoor Use Only) (from £10 for five)

OX15 Oct 15, 2019

These single inflatable mattresses are ideal for kids' sleepovers. They have been used indoors only and are checked for deflation issues after every use. Sheets are provided laundered but not ironed.

What's included:

  • 5 x inflatable mattresses
  • 1 x 240v air inflator
  • 5 x baby pink single sheets (optional)


  • length is 185cm
  • width is 76cm
  • height is roughly 22cm
  • Optional sheets are full single-mattress size so will be a bit loose!


  • £10 for all five mattresses and the pump excluding sheets
  • £15 for all five mattresses, the pump, and 5x baby pink sheets
  • 24 hour hire
  • Delivery available within OX15/16/17 for 50p/mile
Example of airbed - stock image
Airbeds in use - including baby pink sheets (note purple sheet is replaced)

Oli Howson

Contact via 07779298368 thanks